Email Signature – 2021 release wave 1 of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Email Signature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Model apps (old Microsoft CRM) has been lot talked about, especially for those users who use Dynamics 365 on day to day basis and more that to send out email from system. There were queries and feedback, that the email signature is not like outlook, and has limited functionality, font, size and does not have ability to add images.

While, there has been couple of work arounds to go about either to use email templates or add the image on the public facing website and add the image from there, but there were not really approved and used by all.

With 2021 release wave 1 of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Email Signature is about to change. Rich text editor control is now added to email Signature, that means users now have ability to use more dynamic functions on their email signature and users themselves can add images to their Email Signature. The feature is available Out of the box and users don’t have to do anything (once the 2021 release wave 1 is enabled by the Admin).

Points to Note:

  1. This feature is only available when the users navigate to Email Signature from the left Navigation (Sitemap)
  2. If the users navigate to email signature from Top Menu (under Personalization Settings), this feature is NOT enabled from there
  3. Existing signature needs to be manually updated by navigating to sitemap

Admin Notes:

  1. The email signature is added to the Sales Hub App when the 2021 release wave 1 is enabled
  2. If you have custom apps or use only custom apps, the Email Signature entity can be manually added in the sitemap

New Way to Add Email Signature

  1. Navigate to Persona Settings on the Sales Hub.
  1. Click on the New button from the Menu or open your existing Signature
  1. Update your existing Signature (created using the old way) or Create New signature using the Rich text editor control. Change Fonts, add colors, tables, links, and images. Save and close & next time you create a new email, your updated Signature would be available 😊.

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