Remove “Related” Tab from Entity Forms

So, you have customized the entity and added couple of relationships and updated the form (Taking example of contact form) to show the right set of fields and sub-grids as per requirements and how many times the Business users have come back asking for “Related” Tab

To manage the Related Tab entities, there are two ways to do it

Option 1: Totally remove the Related Tab – This option is when the users don’t want to see the “Related Tab” and any of the related entities

Option 2: Where users only want to see few of the related entities

In this article we will go recommendation of Option 1 and see how we can remove the “Related” Tab altogether from the form

  1. Login to Dynamics 365 as System Admin
  2. Open an existing solution or customization from Advance Settings
  1. Locate and open the form of the entity which you would want to remove the tab
    (Note: If there are multiple forms, you would have to follow the steps and remove the tab manually from each of the form)
  2. Go to Form Properties
  3. On the Display Tab of the Form Properties, Uncheck the “Show Navigation Items” Checkbox
  1. Save and Publish the form/ Entity
  2. The “Related” Tab is no longer available on this form

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