Power Virtual Agents – Chat Bot

Do your customers often call on contact centre or send email or fill form to know about basic things like opening timings of a store or even complex things like booking a ticket or reserving a table?

 Do you want to help your customers in finding the right information about something in particular; in an easy and simple way, that does is not complex and does not have to rely on your contact centre team? Do you like Automation?

Welcome to Power Virtual Agent (Chat bot) from Microsoft!!

Do you know you know you can (Some of the Features)

  1. Have multiple Chat Bots
  2. Have Chat Bots in multiple language (English, French, Hindi…)
  3. Apply same chat bot across multiple platforms & channels like Website, Facebook, Teams, etc and Email too
  4. Add Security to chat bots
  5. Add Skills for chat bots to perform action on behalf of customers like booking tickets, cancelling, or rescheduling tickets and others
  6. Use Power Automate to send information to wherever you like be it Dynamics 365, SharePoint, create an excel or integrate with your legacy applications
  7. If the customers are not satisfied with the response from the Chatbot, transfer the Chat to an Agent (using Omni Chanel Service)
  8. Or if they are satisfied, end the Chat with a Survey, and receive Positive Feedback
  9. And Lastly analyse your Chatbot Trend, Customer satisfaction

And all these and much more using just Configuration (Yes, No Code at all)

Follow the below steps to create (Your First or multiple) Chat Bot

  • Navigate to https://powerva.microsoft.com/
  • If it’s the first time you are coming, you will be asked to set up the primary (First Bot)
    • Give the Name
    • Chat Bot Language
    • Select your environment (Works only with Default Org)
  • Once the Chat bot is set up, start by viewing existing Topics.
  • Additionally, you can also create new Topics by going to Topic on the Left Navigation
  • And if you want your Bot to Ask specific questions, like Name or Age or Email Address, those can be entered in Entities (Meanwhile, there are couple of existing entities that you can use)

Note: Don’t get confused by Entities in Dynamics 365 CE and Entities in Chat Bot. Both are different

  • For a Topic select, you can now enter the topic trigger points, basically what the Customer may enter. To start with Greetings or customer may enter the help they need, maybe ticket booking or rescheduling ticket
  • Once you have entered the trigger points it is now time to start the Business Process, for which you can click to the Authoring Canvas and start drawing your Workflow (Chat Flow) or Business Process flow. Pretty easy, and No code
  • Using the Business process/ Authoring Canvas, now you can start giving direction to the customer and point them in right direction. Using the Authoring Canvas, you can give Information/ messages to the customer
  • Ask them questions (Option Set, Name, Email, Age etc)
  • Auto redirect to another Topic
  • Redirect them to a Human using Omni Service
  • Use Skills to action a certain thing like Create a booking or any other action
  • Use Power Automate to perform an action or record data in Dynamics 365 CE
  • and once you are done with the configuration, Publish your Chat Bot to your Website, Facebook, Teams and other heaps of Customer Facing Applications and interfaces

Here’s how the chat bot appears on a Demo Website in Hindi and French 🙂

More details to come in Few days !!! Till then Happy CRM(mi)ing !!!

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