Add Reference PANE on forms

User Experience (UX) is the key for any software implementation success especially CRM. Users are generally reluctant for change; however, a great user experience can really bring down their worry and can ease their adaptability for change.

On the feature introduced (I guess it came along with Customer Service Hub), now available OOTB on entities like Contact, Account, Case Interactive Experience forms is the Reference Pane (Seen under RELATED Section)

Reference Pane helps the user to view information of multiple entities (in a Sub gird format way) without scrolling the form or clicking on the multiple tabs available.

  • Users click on the X button to go back to the list
  • To update the record or open in full window, select the record and click on Edit
  • Multiple records can be opened in the same frame (Across entities)

However, if you create a form from scratch on any OOTB entity or create a new entity, the reference pane is not automatically available

To add the reference panel on the forms, Add a section on the form and modify the name of the section to

ref_pan_<add your custom name here>

Save the Form and add your sub-grids or related entities. You can add your own Custom Icons to help identify users which record they are opening.


  1. You can only have 1 Reference Pane on your form
  2. The name of the reference Pane cannot be changed, once you have saved the section (OK on the Section popup), so choose wisely (Yes, you can delete the section and a new one)

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